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Working with Edwin C. Duero and ECD Dance Company of the Philippines

Last July 19 to August 24, 2012, we finally got Edwin C. Duero, International Artistic Director; Herbert Alvarez, Choreographer and Catherine Araneta, Dance Master. From Day one of our Workshop, our dancers, parents, choreographers, musicians and officers of the dance troupe were truly impressed of how the workshop was conducted.

Finally, after 46 years, we will learn more about our culture, the proper way of handling rehearsals, as well as learn more about the history of all the dances they were teaching us. With the guidance of Edwin, we were able to learn more about proper costuming, although we still have a long way to update all our costumes.

It was a hectic 4 weeks, almost everyday and 8-12 hours a day, but I have to say it was all worth it. We changed the title of our annual  2- hour show reflecting the dances they taught us and using their 12 dances out of the 24 dances that we have prepared for the show. Most of the dances were the Opening of the show or a suite, as well as Closing of the show or a suite. Needless to say, we definitely educated the audience and everyone were so happy to be able to watch this show. We get this kind of reaction each year, but more so in this 2012 show.

All I can say, thank you to our Ontario Trillium Foundation who helped us in financing this workshop and of course the star of this show of course goes to Edwin C. Duero and the ECD Dance Company who patiently taught us and guided us through this whole summer.

Thank you to our own Artistic Director, Lito Dizon, our choreographers, Sue Aguinaldo, Crista Aguinaldo, Genevieve and Jonah Clemente, our musical Director, Rose Aguinaldo and Executive Producer, Odette Aguinaldo for having the patience in allowing all of this to take place and learning last minute music for dances being taught. What a Blessed summer for all of us.

President/Executive Director
Fiesta Filipina Dance Troupe
Toronto, Canada



Edwin has trained so many young artists…

who have come to the national forefront, and set productions for national and international stages and festivals. His record as Director and Choreographer was long been an object of emulation and imitation, helping not only Iloilo but also other regions to discover and harness talents, thus nurturing the growth of a national audience for the arts. Behind him, is a full chest-load of shining achievements from World Expo in Seville, Spain and Lisbon, Portugal to World International Festivals.

To have rooted those successes in Iloilo is meaningful not only to his old teacher, but even more fully in the talents Edwin brought to light at home and to his audience wherever he brings up the curtains and opens the floodlights.

Indeed, Edwin is a light. Moving amidst his artists and audiences. That we may wonder at the marvel of dance and applaud at his making of ECD Dance Company.

College of Music, UP, Diliman
International Jury and Critic in Dance



EDWIN C. DUERO, who is our Artistic Consultant, is also our Tito Edwin

With the Internet overtaking our everyday lives, inspiration is rarely experienced on a face to face basis. We are inspired by artists, actors, musicians and political figures that we have never met before and may never meet at all. However, in my case, as the president of PAMANA ng LuzViMinda Philippine Dance Company, I can truly say that I have met an inspirational figure and friend whom I can always rely on for advice even though we are an ocean and continent apart.

We first met Tito Edwin and ECD Dance Company in 2008, when the entire dance company was transported to the Philippines to update PAMANA’s dance and music repertoire. The original purpose of PAMANA’s tour itinerary fell through, but thanks to our late vice-president Paul Friedrich, he  went through his contacts and made a connection with Tito Edwin and requested his help. Tito Edwin picked us up when the going got tough and made things happen. Having never met PAMANA or heard about us before, he took a chance on us.

Since 2008, our connection with Tito Edwin never ceased through emails. It took four years before we were to meet again. His willingness to spend time with PAMANA is a treasure for our dance company. Sharing his resources of dance, music and costumes is a testament to the transitioning of Philippine culture and history to the next generation, especially to the Filipino diaspora.

We are very thankful to have Tito Edwin and our friends from ECD Dance Company as honorary members of PAMANA. His extensive of knowledge of Philippine folk dance is a precious commodity to our dance company and will always be a part of PAMANA’s history and growth.

President, PAMANA ng LuzViMinda Philippine Folk Dance Company
Montreal, Quebec, Canada



EDWIN C. DUERO, A Dedicated and Professional Artist, A Leader with a strong work ethic and a Valuable and Genuine Friend

I was privileged to be given the chance to meet and work with Mr. Edwin Duero when I was assigned as the Project Officer –in-charge of the National Commission for Culture and the Arts – National Committee on Dramatic Arts (NCCA-NCDA) in 1994. As a neophyte cultural worker then, I felt the strong support of Edwin when he graciously and patiently guided me to be an effective cultural manager. He is one my mentors in cultural work.  I recall those days where we had the opportunity to work collaboratively on various projects and I can attest that as an artist and leader, Edwin is committed to Excellence and maintains high standard and work ethics in all his artistic endeavors. He was part of the NCCA experts who helped develop and implement programs and policies for the theater sector. He was able to unify the theater artists in the Visayas during his term in the NCCA as the Executive Council Member of the NCCA-CDA by spearheading various regional Dramatic Arts Congresses and Festivals. I believe that art is the core of his life.

After his term in NCCA, have thought that I lost my connection with him. Edwin is based in Iloilo and I know that he will be busy managing his successful career as one of the most trusted artists and a dedicated leader of our country. But I was wrong, after his term ended with NCCA, it paved a way for a wonderful beginning of a genuine friendship for both of us. I am a witness to numerous successful cultural programs that Edwin has implemented locally and internationally. It was a great honor for me to be invited and be part of one of the momentous occasions in Edwin’s career, when he paved a way for the foundation of one of the most trusted dance studio in Visayas – “The Edwin C. Duero (ECD) School of Dance.” The ECD Dance Company provided an opportunity to hone seasoned talents and represent the country in countless, prestigious International Dance Events.

Edwin is compassionate in sharing his expertise and wisdom not only in his hometown. He imparts his expertise in culture and arts management as he was always invited as Resource Person and commissioned as Consultant in various culture and art events. Edwin always links all his project partners with the NCCA. He properly guided his partners in ensuring that their programs and projects are in line with the mandate of NCCA. He was able to help us promote NCCA programs in Western Visayas. Through his effort and Initiative of mutual collaboration, I personally experienced the successful implementation of 2009 Pintados de Pasi Festival in the City of Pasi in Iloilo and I had the chance to conduct Technical Assistance on the Grants Program of NCCA in the Province of Guimaras.

From 1994 until now, Edwin is continuously recognizing NCCA as his partner. We appreciate his exemplary contribution in the development of Philippine culture and the arts.

As a dear friend, I can say that the true meaning of Best Friend is Edwin. He is a thoughtful friend who will always find time to talk or meet you to have good conversation despite of his busy schedules. He will cancel an important appointment to meet me to share his plans, programs and dreams for the arts sector. I thank the Lord for the wonderful blessing of providing me a real friend like Edwin. I also thank the Lord for blessing our country with an Artist and Leader like Edwin who works not because he wants to be recognized, but he works because he has a pure heart to serve the country through his God-given talent. God Bless You more, best friend.

FERDINAND ISLETA, PDA IV (Project Dev. Officer IV)
Head, Arts Section
National Commission for Culture and the Arts (NCCA)

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